What does www.mywifiext.net stands for? How can I launch new extender setup using www.mywifiext.net setup wizard?

www.mywifiext.net is a local webpage provided by NETGEAR to simplify the experience with NETGEAR extender devices.

Mywifiext.net local webpage is entitled to perform various functions with respect to our NETGEAR Wi-FIextender devices.

Such as, mywifiext.net setup is used to setup new NETGEAR extender in our existing network.

In the same way, mywifiext.net can be used to modify or alter the configuration of already installed NETGEAR extender.

Thus we can say that www.mywifiext.net webpage is very much necessary to deal with NETGEAR extender devices.

This mywifiext.net setup is known by many different names such as www.mywifiext.net smart wizard, manual method and so on.

Although there are many different names, but method of setting up new extender using mywifiext.net setup is same.

In the same way, if you want to change username or password of your NETGEAR extender, then also you have to get logged into mywifiext.net webpage.

This shows importance of mywifiext.net webpage in field of NETGEAR extender devices.

If you are new with NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender, then first and foremost thing that you should be aware of, is www.mywifiext.net webpage.

It is not like other websites that you surf on internet, but is a local webpage, given by NETGEAR, to its users.

NETGEAR has provided www.mywifiext.net with wide range of functionality such as installing new extender, updating firmware, changing extender wireless settings and what not. This itself show importance of this web interface in the world of NETGEAR devices.

Let’s discuss various functionality of this web interface one by one. But first let’s discuss various pre-requisites which should have to be kept in mind before using this local webpage.

Which pre-requisites user have to keep in mind to successfully install NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender using www.mywifiext.net?

Although NETGEAR extender can be installed by following any one method among manual and WPS method but there exist some pre-requisites, of which user have to take care to complete installation process without any trouble.

Although these pre-requisites are mentioned time and again, but still users pay least attention toward them. This is the main reason for having trouble while accessing setup page.

Let’s discuss about these pre-requisites one by one.

So these were some important points which user should have to keep in mind before launching new extender setup.

Now let us proceed further toward discussing various applications of this local webpage.

Applications of www.mywifiext.net webpage

www.mywifiext.net works as an interface between extender device and user. Thus you will be required to login this webpage for performing every task related to your extender device.

By this one can understand how wide the applicability of this web interface is.

But for user’s convenience, we had divided these applications into category.

So let’s begin.

(A) New extender Setup

In case you are going for new extender setup then it can be done by following any one method from the below given methods:

  1. Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS)method
  2. Manual method/ www.mywifiext.net Smart setup

There are some basic differences in these two methods. But at the day end it does not matter which method you had followed to install your range extender, in all cases you will require knowledge of www.mywifiext setup page.

We will try to elucidate on both of this method in coming sections. But firstly we will discuss about common issues which user may encounter while dealing with web page.

What are various reason because of which I am unable to access www.mywifiext.net can’t access www.mywifiext.net NETGEAR range extender setup page?

There can be many reasons because of which user became unable to access local webpage of NETGEAR. Error Message that user may get in such scenario can look like:

Some of the common issues which restrain user to access www.mywifiext.net are as listed below:

How to setup new NETGEAR range extender in network?

After getting brief insight on www.mywifiext.net web page, now comes the time to know how to use it for setting up NETGEAR extender.

As stated above, we can install NETGEAR range extender by following any one of the following two methods.

1. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)method:-This method has made installation of extender as every one’s affair. It provides user highest ease in setting up new NETGEAR WiFi range extender in network. For setting up your extender by WPS method all you have to do is to follow below listed steps:

You can access extender’s network on your WiFi devices, by selecting network, named same as your home network but have _EXT at the end.

Password of the network will remain same as your home network has.

To change various settings such as network name, password etc you have to go for www.mywifiext.net login. To login into this setup page you have to follow some simple steps which are:

2. Manual method/ www.mywifiext.net NETGEAR Genie Setup: -This method is known as manual method because of the reason that user has to enter various details manually during installation process.
You will require a WiFi device such as laptop, tablet.
This method is highly useful if your router is not WPS enabled.
To launch new extender setup using www.mywifiext.net setup genie you have to follow the below listed steps:

Thus your new extender setup stands to be completed. You can now place your extender wherever you want, but essentially within the coverage area of network router’s signal. You can also take help of Router Link LED to locate suitable spot to place your extender.

(B) Changing Username and password using www.mywifiext.net

Changing username and password of Netgear WiFi range extender is too easy. All you have to do is to follow steps, given below:

  1. Open web browser on WiFi device which is connected with the extender network. This device can be laptop, computer, mobile etc.
  2. Enter www.mywifiext.net in the address bar of the web browser. You can also write instead of this web page name.
  3. Then you will be prompted to window where you have to enter your email address and password.
  4. Now do hit on Menu icon.
  5. In this firstly select Settings and then Password Settings.
  6. The window will appear in which you can enter your new username in the New User Name field.
  7. Enter the password you want to assign in the New Password field. Re-enter the new password in verify password field.
  8. You can choose questions and answers from the list.
  9. Now click on SAVE button and by this your username and password gets changed.
    Now next time when you want to login into extender then you need to enter these new username and password for the same.

(C)  Recovering password of your NETGEAR range extender

Password is must to get connected with your extender network. SO what to do if you forget extender password?

Nothing else, but just login into NETGEAR’s web-interface and your issue will get resolved.

(D)  Changing Wireless Settings of NETGEAR extender

Need may arise, where you will need to change settings of your already installed NETGEAR WiFi extender. In this case also www.mywifiext.net webpage provides a platform to do so.

(E)  Updating Firmware

Regular updation of firmware, which gets stored in read only memory of device, is very much important.

Although NETGEAR releases regular notifications regarding updated version of firmware, but still it may happen that user may miss this notification.

In that scenario user will be required to login into web interface for updating firmware.

(F) Enabling Fast Lane technology

One of the application of this web interface is enabling fast lane technology on device.

Although Netgear fastlane technology does not get enabled on all NETGEAR devices, but all those devices which have this technology imbibed, must require login into web interface to get enabled.

By this we end up our discussion.

Hope by end, you had understood importance of NETGEAR local web page.