Troubleshooting of Netgear Extender & setup


I tried to setup my NETGEAR EX6150 range extender but is not able to access page. Please suggest me what to do in such situation.


There can be many reason because of which you can’t access webpage, which is real troublesome for anyone who wants to deal with NETGEAR range extender devices.

This web interface has its own importance in field of NETGEAR extender devices.

For setting up new extender by manual method you will be required to login into web interface.

If you can’t access web interface, then one way is that you can follow WPS method to setup your extender. But for this, both extender and network router should have to support WPS mode.

If anyone among extender and router is not WPS enabled, then there is no way out. You have to follow manual method and for which you have to access webpage.

In that scenario you have to go for troubleshooting the issue.

Some common reasons for this inaccessibility of web page are:

  • Lose Ethernet connection between client device and extender.
  • Irregular power supply to extender.
  • Issue with web browser.
  • MAC filtering at your router end
  • And many more.

If even after following troubleshooting steps, you are unable to fix the issue then next thing to do is to go for NETGEAR support.

NETGEAR provides free support for extender device up to 90 days of purchasing date. You can avail NETGEARs services to get out of this issue.


Even after installing my NETGEAR extender, I am unable to access my extender’s Wi-Fi network. What to do?

NETGEAR range extender is a device through which we can extend range of our already installed WiFi network.

Best part with NETGEAR extenders are that they are quite easy to install.

Sometimes it does happen that even after successful completion of installation process, user becomes unable to access extender’s WiFi network.

There can be number of reasons for it.

It is not necessary that issue is with your NETGEAR extender, sometimes this issue may arise because of your network router.

Such as MAC filtering. It is possible that you had enabled MAC filtering on your router. Because of this router will allow only those devices to function who’s MAC address are stored in its MAC table.

In that scenario router will not allow extender to function and you will not be able to access NETGEAR extender’s network.

There is also a chance that your network is not getting regular internet connectivity. In such scenario orange light will start blinking on extender device.

For this you have to contact your service provider.

These were the common issues at the side of router. Now let’s move toward issue related to NETGEAR extender.

There may be irregular power supply. Because of which your device may produce signal drops. This may hinder your connection with extender network.

There is also chances that your extender and client have different subnet mask. Here you will be needed to assign static IP to your client device to confirm the issue. Assign subnet mask of your client device same as your extender has.

Try again to connect with extender network.

If the main reason of your inability in accessing extender was because of subnet mask, then issue will get resolved.

If issue seems to be something else, then above listed one then you are requested to contact on NETGEAR support to get technical assistance in this matter.