What are unique features of NETGEAR WN3500RP range extender? How can I setup NETGEAR WN3500RP N600 Wi-Fi range extender in existing network?

Netgear WN3500RP N600 WiFi Range Extender Setup

NETGEAR WN3500RP WiFi range extender is characterized with features such as universal dual-band character, wall-plug edition, and many others, which attract users toward it.

Due to its capability to operate in dual bands, we can also enable Fastlane technology on it. This will provide a significant boost to extender’s performance.

There exist many other special features of the WN3500RP range extender. Let’s have a look at them.

Features of NETGEAR WN3500RP N600 WiFi range extender

After knowing these features, user can easily makes his/her mind that whether he/she wants to go for buying WN3500 range extender or not.

If you had made your mind to buy this extender then next possible question in your mind will be how to setup NETGEAR WN3500RP Wi-Fi range extender in your network. Answer to this question lies in our further discussion where we will elaborate on every aspect associated with extender setup but before that, let’s know various LEDs present on extender.

LEDs plays very informative role during new NETGEAR WiFi range extender setup. You can easily know state of extender by just monitoring status of various LEDs present on extender.

Different LEDs present on NETGEAR WiFi range extender

Power LED:- This LED signifies state of power supplied to extender. Different states of Power LED are:
On:- This signifies that extender is powered on.
Off:- This signifies that your extender is not getting power
Link Rate LED:- This LED signifies strength of link established between network router and extender. It shows different colours and each colour have its own meaning. That colours are:
Green:- This signifies best possible connection between your extender and router.
Amber:- It signifies good state of connection between extender and router.
Red:- Whenever you see Link LED to lit as red then this is time to caution. Reason for the same is poor state of connection between extender and router.
Off:- shows your extender is not connected with home router.
Wireless Device to extender LED:- This LED does same job as Client link LED does in case of other NETGEAR extenders. This LED will get lit up whenever any client device get connected with your extender network and remains off otherwise.
WPS:- This LED is mainly used while installing extender through WPS method. It signifies state of WPS wireless connection. Different states of WPS LED includes:
Solid green:- Signifies established WPS connection between extender and router.
Blinking green:- Shows that WPS connection is in progress.
Off:- Shows that no WPS link is either established or in progress.

How to install new NETGEAR WN3500RP N600 WiFi range extender ?

Steps involved in setting up NETGEAR range extender includes:

  1. Firstly place your extender in the same room in which your router has been installed. This is required only during the installation process. Once the process gets completed, you can place the extender wherever you want.
  2. Then you have to bring your extender in upstate. For this power on the device, by putting it on the power outlet. You can confirm the power status of the device by monitoring the status of Power LED.
  3. Now you will require any client device, using which you can perform installation steps. Although you can use any device for the installation process, the usage of a computer will simplify the task in great extent.
  4. Then establish a connection between this device (which we are taking a computer in this case) and extender. This connection can be either wired or wireless.
    • In case of wired connection, the user will be required to connect his/her computer or wireless device with the extender by using Ethernet cable.
    • Whereas in case of wireless connection, the user will be required to go to WiFi network manager of computer and then connect to NETGEAR_EXT (the SSID) wireless network.
      Once the connection between computer and extender gets established Wireless Device to Extender LED will turn to be green.
  5. Then open up a web browser on the computer which is connected with extender network. It will land you to NETGEAR genie screen. But if in case you are not automatically prompted to NETGEAR genie then do launch it yourself by entering http://www.mywifiext.net in the address field of your browser.
  6. NETGEAR genie will scan for all available WiFi networks and list them all. Here select the network which you want to extend using NETGEAR WN3500RP Wi-Fi range extender.
  7. Now onwards follow the simple steps that get displayed on your desktop screen and at the end, you will receive notification of successful completion of NETGEAR extender setup wizard.
  8. Unplug the extender. Now you can place it wherever you desire for. But it is always advisable to place extender in midway between network router and spot where you are facing poor Wi-Fi signal issue. You can also use Link-rate LED for this task.
    If the status of Link-rate LED is green, then this signifies ideal position to place your extender.
    If Link-rate LED turns to be amber, then this shows that strength between a router and extender link is good enough to make extender workable.
    If in case Link-rate LED turns to be red then this is the point of caution because here your extender is unable to connect with your router. So you will be required to move the extender towards the router up to the point at which Link-rate LED turns at least to be amber.