Features of NETGEAR WN1000RP WiFi Booster for mobile devices and steps involved in launching NETGEAR WN1000RP extender setup

Netgear WN1000RP WiFi Booster for Mobile Devices

In this article, our main center of discussion will be on launching NETGEAR WN1000RP extender setup in the existing network. But first, we will discuss Netgear WN1000RP specs, so that it may help the user in deciding that whether NETGEAR WN1000RP extender is catering to his/her demands or he/she has to switch to other NETGEAR extender. We hope, by reading this article user’s all queries regarding NETGEAR WN1000RP installation will be resolved. SO let’s begin our discussion with specifications.

NETGEAR WN1000RP specs

As we all know extender’s main task is to boost up the WiFi signal coming from network router and resend the same boosted signal to other client devices present in network. So does WN1000RP extender do. The only differentiate between WN1000RP extender and other NETGEAR WiFi extender is it’s additional features, which enrich our experience with this device. NETGEAR WN1000RP extender is considered to be ideal for smartphones and tablets. All features which make this extender ideal for your network includes:

NETGEAR WN1000RP installation/ NETGEAR WN1000RP setup

NETGEAR WN1000RP setup includes mainly three steps that are:

  1. Placing the WiFi extender in the same room as network router is.
  2. Supplying power to the device.
  3. Connecting the device with your existing network.

Steps involved in all of these three steps will be discussed later but let’s first take a look at different LEDs present on the extender device. Reason for discussing the same is, important role played by them during installation process.

LED status of WN1000RP extender

Link Rate LED :- This LED signifies the state or wireless connection between your WiFi booster and router. Different states of Link Rate LED includes:

Status LED:- It shows power status of your WiFi booster. It will lighten up when your extender is powered on.

WiFi Device to Booster LED:- This LED pertains to connection between your WiFi booster and client devices such as computer, laptop, mobiles

Now let’s initiate our discussion on NETGEAR WN1000RP installation process.

Placing WiFi extender

Before starting with your NETGEAR WN1000RP setup process, you will be needed to place the extender. You are always advised to place your NETGEAR extender in the same room as your router is. But if due to any reason it is not possible, then at least reduce the distance between your WiFi booster and extender to as minimal as possible.

Supplying power to the extender device

Once you are done with placing your extender then next comes is, powering on the device.

Put your extender on power and wait until Status LED turns to be green.

If the LED does not get lit up, then press On/Off button.

Connecting the device with your existing network

Netgear provides its user with two methods to connect their WiFi booster with existing network. That includes:

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Connect using Wi-Fi Protected setup

This setup method is more simpler than that of NETGEAR genie smart setup. It is also called as Push ‘N’ Connect method. Steps involved in this method are:

  1. Firstly press WPS button present on side panel of your WN1000RP device.
  2. Then press WPS button of your router device, within the time interval of two minutes.
    You will notice that Link Rate LED will turns to be green, which shows that your NETGEAR WN1000RP WiFi booster is connected with your existing home network.

Connect using NETGEAR Genie smart setup

  1. Firstly establish connection between your NETGEAR WN1000RP WiFi booster with any computer. For this go to WiFi network utility on a computer and then connect with NETGEAR_EXT (SSID) WiFi network. Once the link gets established, you will notice that WiFi Device to Booster LED will turn to be green.
  2. Launch any web browser on a computer which is connected with the extended network. It will automatically prompt you to NETGEAR Genie Smart Setup. But if it does not happen automatically, then you will be required to enter www.mywifiext.net in the address bar of the browser.
    Then enter admin as username and password as the password.
  3. Then select WiFi network which you want to extend among the list of networks and click on Continue.
  4. Then enter a password for your existing network and click on Continue.
  5. Now assign a network name to your WN1000RP extender’s network. If you want to have the same network settings as your home network, then select the checkbox and click on Continue.
  6. Once the settings get applied, the connection between computer and WiFi booster will be lost. You will be required to re-establish the connection by using new settings that you had made.
  7. Then select the checkbox and click on Continue.
  8. That’s it. Installation process gets completed. Now unplug your WN100RP extender device and place it wherever you want.
    Preferably the extender must be placed in midway between your router and spot where you are facing an issue of poor connectivity.

We hope this article has proven to be beneficial to you. We had tried to cover this topic holistically but if still, any issue get trouble you then you are requested to kindly visit NETGEAR’s official website for technical assistance.