NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC2200 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX7700

I want to setup my Nighthawk X6 EX7700 AC2200 Tri-band Wi-Fi range extender. Can you please suggest me steps for it?

We will discuss about query, but firstly let us begin by discussing basic features of AC2200 extender.

Like other extenders, AC2200 tri-band Wi-Fi extender also works as signal booster.

Its main function is to extend the Wi-Fi coverage of existing network. But you can also use it as access point, if you want.

There are many features that are special in AC2200 Netgear mesh extender.Let’s have a look on them:

1- Tri-band Extender:
EX7700 extenders are capable to work in three bands that is why it is named as Tri-band. They establish a dedicated link with router, which helps in avoiding halving of bandwidth of Wi-Fi signals.

2- Fastlane Technology:
AC220 devices comes along with patented FatstLane3 technology. This enhances performance of extender and make them ideal for HD streaming and gaming.

3- Same Wi-Fi network name:
No need to change Wi-Fi network name while roaming around in your network.
Reason for it is that, Nighthawk X6 Mesh extender creates a network with the same name as your router’s Wi-Fi network has.
Whereas other Wi-Fi extenders create network with name, different from router network.
This causes you to connect and disconnect while moving from one zone to other.

4- Smart Roaming:
It is designed for devices that support 802.11k standards.
This feature enables your devices to connect with optimal Wi-Fi for internet surfing, 4K streaming and much more.

5- Two gigabit Ethernet port:
These were some of the most attractive features of AC2200 mesh extender.

After discussing EX7700 extender, now let’s carry forward our discussion toward how to setup new mesh extender in network.
For installing AC2200 extender, NETGEAR provides you choice, among two process.

Among them you can choose as per your network. That are:

  1. Wi-Fi Protected setup(WPS) method
  2. NETGEAR Installation Assistant

Among above listed methods, one step remains same while launching installation process i.e. powering on extender device.

Until your device is powered on, you will not be able to get access of it.

Take care of the fact that your mesh extender and router should have to be in same room, while installation process is going on.

Once you put your extender on power, you can ensure the status of power supply with the help of Power LED.

Different colour shown by LED signifies different states of power supply. That are:

Solid green: Signifies your extender has been powered on.

Solid amber: Signifies your extender is in booting phase.

Blinking amber: Signifies that extender is resetting to factory default settings.

Blinking green: Signifies that firmware of extender has got corrupted.

Off: Signifies that extender is in off state.

Once your device gets powered on, next task is to establish link between mesh extender and router by following any one method of installation.
Let us discuss steps involved in installing AC2200 range extender in both methods, one by one.

1- WPS method:
By using this method, user can join Wi-Fi network without entering network name and password.
But before going for WPS method, ensure that your router must have WPS button.
If in case it does not, then you will have to go for NETGEAR Installation Assistant.

Now let’s begin with our installation steps:

2- NETGEAR Installation Assistant: -