What does NETGEAR extender genie smart setup wizard stands for?

I had bought new NETGEAR range extender. Now I want to install it using genie setup. Can you please elaborate on various steps involved in NETGEAR extender genie setup wizard?

If you had bought new NETGEAR range extender, then firstly we welcome you to NETGEARian’s community.

Now we come back to your question, that is how to go for NETGEAR extender genie setup, but before that, lets discuss something about NETGEAR genie smart setup.

NETGEAR genie setup is nothing else but an interface provided by NETGEAR for installation of extender. It is another name of www.mywifiext.net setup wizard.

As discussed in other articles also, NETGEAR Wi-Fi extenders can be installed by following any one method among WPS method and Manual method.

The second method, that is Manual method involves NETGEAR extender genie setup for launching new extender setup.

Now let’s begin with steps that are involved in setting up NETGEAR extender through NETGEAR genie setup wizard.

In this way your NETGEAR range extender gets installed using genie setup.

If you feel, not to follow this method, then NETGEAR provides you with other option in the form of WPS method.

In WPS method all user has to do is, press WPS button firstly of extender and then of router. Just by doing this link between network router and range extender will be established.

But even in case of WPS method also, user will be needed to login into NETGEAR’s local webpage, for modifying settings of NETGEAR range extender.