How can I setup my new NETGEAR EX6200 AC1200 Wi-Fi range extender in my already installed network?

You can setup your new NETGEAR EX6200 AC1200 range extender by either Manual method or WPS method. Steps to be followed for both methods will be discussed later in this article, firstly let’s know some basic facts about NETGEAR EX6200 AC1200 extender.

The AC1200 range extender is dual band extender that means they are capable to work in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.

They came along with feature named fast lane technology. Under this, both frequency bands are used simultaneously. This increases the speed of internet streaming. Thus this feature is ideal for HD streaming and gaming.

One of the other special features with EX6200 extender is beamforming technology. Under this, you can focus Wi-Fi signal towards a particular device.

AC1200 extender is also MU-MIMO (Multi-User- Multiple Input Multiple Output) enabled.

NETGEAR AC1200 extenders are capable to deliver AC dual band Wi-Fi up to 1200 Mbps.

Comes along with adjustable external antennas.

There are many other features associated with EX6200 range extender which makes it an ideal choice of users.

But once user brought up new NETGEAR AC1200 range extender then comes question how to setup NETGEAR extender in your network.

The answer to this question lies in this article.

But before initiating our discussion with respect to new extender setup NETGEAR AC1200, let’s first discuss various LEDs present on your EX6200 extender.

These LEDs plays a very important role during the installation process. By just monitoring these LEDs we can know the number of activities of the extender.

LED present on NETGEAR EX6200 AC1200 range extender

2.4 GHz Link Rate LED: - This LED shows the strength of the connection between your WiFi router and AC1200 range extender, if it is using 2.4 GHz band for the same. Colour of this LED changes with change in strength of signal. These different colours of 2.4 GHz Link Rate LED includes:

5 GHz Link Rate LED:- This LED is used to get status of connection between your WiFi extender and WiFi router, in case it is using 5 GHz band for the same. Different states of 5 GHz Link LED includes

LAN LED:- This LED is used to get status of connection between wired network device and extender. It has only two possible states. That are:

Device to Extender LED:- This LED signifies connection between WiFi extender and client devices present in network such as Laptop, tablet. Various states of Device to Extender LED includes:

USB LED:- It shows whether any device is connected through USB, with extender. Possible two states of USB LED includes:

Steps to Setup NETGEAR EX6200 AC1200 range extender

Before initiating new NETGEAR EX6200 AC1200 range extender setup you need to ensure that your extender and router must be placed in close proximity with each other. Once installation process gets completed, you can unplug the extender and place it wherever you want.

Various steps involved in setup of NETGEAR EX6200 AC1200 range extender are :

  1. Put your AC1200 range extender on power. Wait until Power LED turns to be solid green
  2. Use any device such as the computer, to connect with your extended network. You can do so by using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Open a web browser on your device. This will automatically prompt you to NETGEAR genie screen.
  4. Click on New Extender Setup button displayed on your screen.
  5. You will be asked to create an account by entering various details. After doing so click on Next.
  6. Next select Wi-Fi Range Extender from offered options.
  7. List of available Wi-Fi networks will get displayed on your screen. Select the Wi-Fi network which you want to extend using AC1200 range extender.
  8. Now enter a password of your existing home network.
  9. You will be asked whether you want to modify the security settings of the extender. Then click on Next.
  10. Click on Continue
  11. Success page will get displayed that your EX6200 AC1200 range extender has been installed successfully.

Now you can place extender wherever you want and connect your home devices with extender’s network to enjoy seamless connectivity throughout your network.