Netgear EX6100 Setup | ex6100

NETGEAR EX6100 setup does not require any installation CD.

You just need to login EX6100 local webpage.

Even if your network router or switch is WPS enabled then you can launch NETGEAR EX6100 setup by just pressing WPS button on both network router and extender.

This method is known as Wi-Fi Protected setup(WPS) method.

Although this method is easiest one, but what if your router is not WPS enabled.

Here comes EX6100 setup.

This method is also known by the name of Manual method or NETGEAR genie setup or NETGEAR smart setup and so on.

The main difference between WPS method and EX6100 setup is that in former case you need to do nothing. Just by pressing WPS button, NETGEAR EX6100 setup will get done by its own.

Whereas in latter case you will be required to do manual steps to complete EX6100 setup.

Now comes question that how all this works??????????

For this lets get more insight on these methods…………………

Netgear EX6100 Setup is almost same as other NETGEAR extenders, with minute differences. This we will discuss later, but let’s first have a look at, main features of Netgear EX6100 Setup.

Netgear EX6100 Setup is capable to deliver AC750 dual band WiFi with up to 750 Mbps. That is why it is named so.

It also comes along with gigabit Ethernet port. Through which you can connect any wired device with your extender.

Some of other basic features of NETGEAR EX6100 range extender includes:

Once you had bought AC750 extender then next question that will strike in your mind will be how to install it in your network. Answer to this question lies in our further discussion.

As stated above, you can install AC750 extender as both access point and extender. Procedure to be followed in both cases has been explained below.

Firstly, let’s discuss procedure of installing AC750 as extender.

Netgear EX6100 Setup Have Two Main Steps:-

Extenders are nothing else but Wi-Fi signal boosters. Their function is to boost up Wi-Fi signal coming out from network router. So, EX6100 extender does, when is in extender mode.

Installation process can be divided into two steps that are:

First: Powering on extender

Second: Establishing connection between extender and router.

Firstly, you have to turn Access Point/Extender switch toward extender. This will notify to the device that it has to work as extender.

Now start with first step that is powering on the device.

Step for this is simple i.e. put extender device to power outlet.

Once your device gets powered on, Power LED will turn to be solid green. This is the time to go for second step.

Second step is to establish connection between extender device and router. This can be done by following any one method among:

  1. WPS method
  2. Web browser setup

1. WPS method: - By this method user can install his/her extender by just pressing a button. This is reason why this method is also called as Push N Connect setup. Steps involved in installing extender using this method are:

Let’s say your home network name is Then extender network name for 2.4 GHz band will be mywifiext.net_2EXT and for 5 GHz band will be mywifiext.net_5EXT.

2. Web browser setup: - One drawback in this method, as compared to WPS method is that you have to manually perform various steps to get connected with home WiFi network. These steps are:

Netgear EX6100 Setup installing in Access Point mode

By working as access point, AC750 will create a new hotspot. Steps involved in setting up itin Access Point mode are: