What are Features of NETGEAR EX3800 AC750 WiFi range extender?

NETGEAR EX3800 setup process can be launched in the same way as is in the case of other NETGEAR extenders.

You do not need any installation CD to initiate NETGEAR EX3800 setup.

NETGEAR has provided two ways to launch NETGEAR EX3800 setup. That are:

1. Manual method
2. WPS method.

In Manual method, you will be required to launch www.mywifiext.net local webpage to start up with NETGEAR EX3800 setup.

This method is known within NETGEAR’s community by many different names such as NETGEAR Genie setup, NETGEAR smart wizard and so on.

Whereas in case of WPS method, you will be required to do nothing much to initiate NETGEAR EX3800 setup.

All you are required to do is to press WPS button on your network router and extender simultaneously.

In this way NETGEAR EX3800 setup process is a easy process.

Before moving toward nitty-gritty of this setup process, let’s discuss some characteristics of EX3800 extender.

NETGEAR EX3800 AC750 WiFi range extender is named so because of its capability of delivering AC dual band WiFi up to 750 Mbps.

Its functionality involves boosting the incoming network WiFi signal so that it can withstand penetration losses and makes network WiFi signal reachable to each far end of your vicinity.

It’s major characteristics includes: