How can I setup my new NETGEAR Extender EX2700 Setup Wizard?

Before initiating our discussion for setup of new NETGEAR EX2700 N300 range extender, let’s have a brief outlook on basic features of Netgear EX2700 extender setup

These basic features include:

Another feature of EX2700 range extender is that it supports WPS mode of installation.

There are two methods of installing NETGEAR EX2700 range extender. That are

  1. WPS method
  2. Web browser setup

New EX2700 range extender setup includes basically two steps that is

  1. To power on your extender device
  2. To establish connection between your N300 range extender and network router.

By this your NETGEAR extender stands to be installed.

In both method of installation first steps remains same, the difference came only at second step.

Let’s discuss first step that is powering on the EX2700 range extender device. Steps to be followed for the same are:

By this first step gets completed.

For second step, we have to discuss procedure differently for both methods. So let’s get started.

1. Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) method: - Steps to be followed are:

Now you can place EX2700 range extender wherever you desire with the help of router link LED.

2. Web browser Setup: - Various steps involved for web browser setup mode of installing new NETGEAR extender are:

That’s it. Your range extender is installed. Now you can connect to your extender’s network by using any Wi-Fi device.