What is meant by Ethernet backhaul and how can it be set up on my Orbi WiFi System?

As we all are aware of the fact that one Orbi WiFi system may consist of multiple Orbi satellites and Orbi routers, so need may arise when you are required to connect these Orbi devices, so that your network can be put on function.

  • For this, you are provided with two options, that includes:
    The connection establishes wirelessly. In this, you use wireless mode to create a link between various Orbi satellites and Orbi routers. By this wireless backhaul get created.
  • The second method is through a wired connection which is also called by the name of Ethernet backhaul. In this Ethernet cable is used to connect Orbi satellites and Orbi router present in Orbi WiFi system.

But the user needs to take note of the fact that you need to first update the firmware of all Orbi WiFi devices to latest one, before going for Ethernet backhaul. To get more insight on the same you can click on  How do I update the firmware on my Orbi router and satellite?

Now comes the second question, i.e. how to setup Ethernet backhaul for Orbi WiFI system. For this, you are provided with multiple options, such as:

  • If you want to connect your Orbi satellites with Orbi router, then you can use star topology for this. Image for the same is as shown below.

  • You can also connect Orbi satellites and Orbi router using daisy-chain topology. Arrangement for the same is as shown in an image

  •  If in case your Orbi WiFi system includes Orbi satellites, Orbi router, an Ethernet switch then you can follow arrangement as shown in the image, to establish Ethernet backhaul.

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