Extend your already existing Wi-Fi network with the portable device in order to be available in all the ways and thus removing all the dead spots and corners in your work area or home. NetGear has launched this router and wifi extender in order to bring in the usage confined to simply a single hardware which can provide the specification of more than one device.

NetGear Trek Travel Router and Netgear N300 Extender Setup does present Omni features and let’s consider them too. The device can work in

  1. Router Mode:

The device can be connected to the existing Wi-Fi network using a wired connection and can further be used as a signal transmission device for better connectivity among other devices in the area. It also implements safe and secure connection.

2. Extender Mode:

The hardware serves the purpose of being an extended to the existing Wi-Fi signals and thus providing strong signal all around the house or office area. The Extender mode helps the device to be wirelessly connected to the Router and thus promoting the signals further to any of the device being connected to the netgear wifi extender setup individually.

3. Hotspot Mode:

Hotspot mode is something that makes this invention unique. You can use the Hardware to be the hotspot for all your mobile devices and tablets in order to make the Device more hostile in providing the network signal.

4. Bridge Mode:

Bridge mode allows the combination of Extender setup and Hotspot mode. While using the device as the Bridge, you can first connect wirelessly with the router and then go ahead to connect with the other mobile device using its Hotspot Facility. This mode enhances the security and strength of the signal in and around the house. The Bridge also increases the area of signal’s effectiveness.

Understanding the Hardware:

Before you try to quickly setup the device, you should know about the device and ports or buttons present just to easily and quickly setup the device.

Internet Mode Switch

The image above shows the internet mode switch on the Device.

NetGear Trek Internet Mode Switch can be used for three purpose and they are:

  • Wired: You can set the switch to this phase when you want to establish a wired connection with other devices using Ethernet port and Cable. You should use this mode when you have to use the TREK as ROUTER.
  • Power OFF: This mode depicts the power off of the device. This phase makes sure that even if the device is connected to the power supply, there is no Power in the device for now. Whenever you have to plug out or plug in the Device, make sure the switch is on Power OFF stage.
  • Wireless: This phase is helpful when the device has to be used as a Hotspot and thus there is no wired device connected to the TREK. The wireless connection connects the trek to Wi-Fi and then allows the other mobile devices to get connected in order to receive the signals.

Connection ports and reset button

The image below depicts the different ports present on the device and all about the reset button.

  • Reset Button: To reset the device at any point or during the setup, press this button and the device will return back to factory reset state.
  • Internet/LAN port: When the device has to be used for wired connection or as a router, then this port is required to connect to the Ethernet cable to serve the purpose.
  • LAN port: this port is helpful to connect with any Ethernet Cable connected device.
  • This is the port available in order to connect to any USB storage device or any USB connected port. This can also be used as a charger.

The device is no doubt a revolution that NetGear has already started and is whirling around. You must buy it if you have a large space to work or roam about.

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