Keeping your Internet Connection updated is the major work dilemma. Everyone today wants to be around the best signal and internet to do their work in a fraction of second. And for this, you need to have the best devices in hand. And for the same, the market today is flooded with a numerous number of brands providing the routers, repeaters or Wi-Fi extenders.

And choosing from so many becomes a task always. For this complexity, I have tried to compare the Giants of the Networking field on the basis of DESIGN, Hardware, Installation process, etc. Just to help you, let’s compare NetGear Routers with Linksys Routers to see which is the best to be used.

The very first thing to keep in mind while choosing any one gadget for your required network area, we will first make sure that whatever device is considered, it should:

  • Provide high Speed internet
  • It should be compatible enough with the latest trending technologies.
  • There should be ample amount of PORTS to keep everything intact.
  • Should not disconnect often due to the presence of thin obstructions.

Keeping all of it in mind, let’s consider the various aspects while choosing the best ROUTERS for our network area.


Since both the companies have been pioneers in the field of networking, hers is very less difference it terms of design. Linksys comes with a bit of edgy design while NetGear show us sleeker part on its Devices.


As you can see in the picture, most of the LINKSYS Routers have number of ventilators or opening in the Routers in order to prevent overheating since there is the least probability of turning a router off. More compact design with thinner antennas gives it more chance to spread out the signals.

NetGear Routers

Considering the image above, you can easily look out the sleeker design of the NetGear router, these routers come with thick antennas in order to make sure that the signals reach in all the areas required without any hindrance. Also NetGear Routers come with Wall-Mounting Setup making it easy to hand it on the wall to make it more viable in the House Network.

So all in all, in the Design perspective, there is a clear cut chance of NetGear Router to be more in demand.

2. Hardware:

When it comes to hardware, it is very much considered that the device should have an ample amount of ports to provide the highest speed possible. Considering both the brands in terms of Hardware, I feel that they both excel as the best.

Linksys Router

In general, the Linksys Routers have 1 WAN port and 3 or more LAN ports. There is also a combination of USB 3.0 and USB 2.o ports present which allows almost the connection of all the software devices weather new or old.The 1.4 Ghz processor also enhances the functionality to a great extent.

NetGear Router

In general consideration, NetGear has same LAN/WAN combination as of LINKSYS with just an addition of an Extra USB 3.0 port making it more considerable for any new hardware or iPads to be connected. The presence of 1.7 GHz processor makes it only slightly better in performance than Linksys.

Overall, hardware is almost competing if you consider both the Brands, just giving more connectivity option in one and better processor in the other. All this are slight differences and can be avoided in general.

3. Performance and Connectivity:

Performance is one of the major perspectives in deciding the better option as everything is based on the level of performance being provided by each of the brand. However, this point of consideration is almost everything to be argued for in opting out the best one. So let’s see which one has a better performance and connectivity.

Linksys Router:

It works on MIMO technology in order to support the best connection and high speed even when the number of connections increase.

Also the Linksys group Routers perform at the high speed of 2533 Mbps providing a dual band technology with 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies which is same as NetGear.

NetGear Router:

With NetGear, these routers come out to be better in terms of speed of whooping 2600 Mbps making it better in terms of performance when compared to other company Routers. These too provide dual band Technology with 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

With the last word, NetGear happens to be way better than Linksys when it comes to playing games and streaming videos in high resolution of 4K.

Linksys Router Pros and Cons:

Considering Linksys to choose as a Router brand is always fine for the ones who do not want to be head over heels on internet. Considering a small house with not many number of devices, you can easily opt for Linksys routers to help you out. The simple design and quite a number of ports to keep of the devices hooked up, surely make Linksys one of the choice.

The upcoming models of Linksys are for sure to include a better performance and speed. The upgraded software will also help you in near future to beat many other brands.

NetGear Router Pros and Cons:

Looking at all the points, it is for sure a choice. NetGear has always been a renowned brand in providing best networking speed and efficiency. With the highest speed providing feature, no doubt these routers are one to be bought without a second choice. People who are heavy users of Internet or are much into gaming and streaming videos of high Resolution must go for this brand.


With all the discussions above, there is no confusion for the best brand, as NetGear surely outsources the other in terms of performance and Design making it more viable in use and acceptance among the users for their requirements. Everyone is in the need of the best signals and speed these days. So everyone will choose the best these days.

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