This NetGear Gadget is all the way designed to enhance the Existing Wi-Fi network to spread it to a range of up to 1500 Square feet. Easily wall mountable socket design enhances its power to spread the signal throughout each corner of the house. In today’s time, when everybody wants to unite through the world of Internet, considering it to be their workplace, fun place, study corner, exam space, etc. the range and coverage is what needs to be seamlessly powerful. The same is designed in ORBI WALL PLUG SATELLITE.

The Image above depicts the Usage and benefits of this Wall Plug Satellite for Wi-Fi Signal extender the best. Regardless of the Network Size and expansion, the wall plug work without any glitch in the network.

Some of the features of the device are definitely not so common. Let’s discuss them out:

  1. Single Network Name:

Unlike other extenders and Wi-Fi boosters, this satellite plug is not going to change the name of your home’s Wi-Fi network. So there is no confusion in making sure whether the device is connected to Wi-Fi or the Satellite plug device. The whole House Network carries the same ONE NAME.

  • Max Internet Speed:

Eliminates Wi-Fi dead zone by ranging up to an area of 1500 square feet, providing the speed of around 2.2 Gbps for faster video streaming and no buffering at any corner. The device shows no degradation in the signal even if the number of devices increase for just one connection.

  • Your Home covered:

The Wall Plug satellite extender creates a mesh like network of Wi-Fi that just veils the whole area of the house within itself. It provides Wi-Fi connection even from Floor-to-Floor or even when it is Wall-to-Wall.

  • Simple & Secure to Use:

The device is very simple to use and Setup. Orbi works with any of the service providers in good synchronization. Just use ORBI APP or the web browser to set up a quick Wi-Fi network without the use of any Personal Information or any Account creation process.

Availability of GUEST PASSWORD options increases the security level way more and there is no hassle for any breach or malware inclusion.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Name NETGEAR
Series RBW30
Item model number RBW30-100NAS
Item Weight 10.7 ounces
Product Dimensions 6.7 x 3.1 x 6.3 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H 6.7 x 3.1 x 6.34 inches

Talking much about the specifications and features, the devices seem to be quite helpful and easy to use. And you will be amused to know that the SETUP or INSTALLATION is also as simple as it can be. Let’s quickly walk through the Steps of installation which can be done easily in TWO ways:


Manual Setup:

To setup the device manually, just keep it in mind that you need to place the device in the middle of the house so that you get the strongest signal.

  1. Connect your Orbi Router to the power supply and turn it on.
  2. Wait for the Orbi Router’s LED light to glow to solid WHITE in color. And after few seconds to blinking WHITE color.
  3. Now after this, connect your ORBI SATELLITE to the power supply and watch for the light signals.
  4. The ORBI Satellite light should turn

SOLID WHITEà Blinking WHITEà Blinking Magenta

This might take few minutes to happen because of the SYNC time between the router and the satellite wall plug.

  • Once the Satellite starts blinking MAGENTA then it will blink the following LIGHT CODES for 10 seconds and then turns OFF:
  • Solid BLUE:  The connection between the router and the satellite has been established successfully and you are all good to use the NETWORK without any cohesion.
  • Solid MAGENTA: The connection between the router and satellite was not established. Try performing the setup once again by decreasing the distance between the router and satellite device.
  • Solid AMBER: The connection between the router and Satellite has been established but consider bringing the two devices closer for a stronger connection.
  • Now try connecting your computer and other mobile devices to the Orbi Satellite or the Router either using Ethernet of Wi-Fi signals.

Do remember the ORBI satellite’s lite turns off once the connection has been successfully created between the devices, it won’t show a solid LED like other devices as a sign that it is ON.


This is one of the easiest methods to sync the ORBI router and satellite. You can download the app from Google Store or App Store and simply use it on your device. Search for NETGEAR ORBI, you will get the Satellite app for installation and setup

An amazing invention by NETGEAR to easily set up and install this SATELLITE device makes it quite a reach even for Amateurs or the first timers to invest in. Tri-Band Technology and High Performance allows the device to be one of the prime need in the home around the network where you don’t want to invest in some high rated EXTENDERs or WI-FI BOOSTERS.

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