A Nighthawk series of AC3000, model EX8000 comes with Tri-band Wi-Fi Range Technology to boost your Wi-Fi to a very high speed of 3Gbps. The hardware is specialized in spreading your Wi-Fi network to all around the area of your house or work. EX800 has the most advanced Wi-Fi extender technology (also known as Tri-Band) with the 5GHz of frequency band to bring you the best signal even in the presence of weak spots or dead zones.

The Extender has special equipped technique to get adapted with your existing Wi-Fi router or any ISP gateway. This Tri band enabled hardware introduces the most unique way of spreading the network around the required area in order to cover all the corners.

Get to know the Hardware:

The pack contains the following number of equipments:

  1. Nighthawk X6S AC3000 Tri-Band technology equipped Extender
  2. Power Adapter for the direct power supply connection

Front Panel:

The front panel of the hardware looks as shown in the picture below:


The panel has a combination of LEDs to show the status of the     connections. The lights starting from the left hand side has the following operation:

  • Wi-Fi connection LED: The LED shows whether the existing Wi-Fi is connected to the Extender or not. The solid LED shows that the router is connected to the Extender
  • GHz LED to show whether 2.4 GHz or 5GHz is in function: Since the Extender works on both the frequencies so the LED of the respective Band Lights up SOLID to indicate that the Extender is connected properly
  • Link LED: The Link LED shows that the extender is connected to the Wi-Fi enabled computer devices.
  • USB LED: The LED light when solid shows the connection of an external USB device to the Extender.
  • WPS LED:  This LED shows that the Wi-Fi Router is WPS enabled and the connection has been established using WPS Button.
  • Ethernet LED: For any wired connection if established through the Extender, The Ethernet LED lights up SOLID.

The back panel has a set of ports and look like the picture described below:

Back Panel:

The back panel has the number of ports for the connection of Ethernet cable and Power cable. The following are the ports present:

  • WPS Button
  • Ethernet ports
  • USB Port
  • ON\OFF Button
  • Reset Button

How to use the Extender?

The AC8000 Extender device can be easily connected to the existing Wi-Fi Router using two very simple ways:

  1. Using the WPS Button
  2. Using the NetGear Genie Assistance

The extender has the capability to be used as both, ACCESS POINT and a WI-FI RANGE EXTENDER. Thus making this as the most versatile choice of the people among all the other extenders already available in the market.

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