Unable to access mywifiext.net setup Wizard

I am unable to login www.mywifiext.net setup wizard of NETGEAR range extender. Where do I get support?
There may be many reasons in support of your inability to login into www.mywifiext.net setup webpage.
If there exists any hardware issue with your device such as not powering on of extender, then NETGEAR provides the warranty of 90 days on its range extender devices. You can avail this service.
There can be many other reasons for the inability to get login into this setup webpage. You can get help for the same, any time from NETGEAR support. But the user is recommended to first try to resolve this issue himself/herself.
Reasons, as well as troubleshooting steps with respect to having an issue while logging this setup webpage, are:

  • This is the prime requirement to place your extender device and network router in the same room while extender setup is going on. If the distance between them will be the more then permissible limit then this can also hinder launching of new extender setup page.
  • ┬áThere is a possibility that NETGEAR range extender is not getting the regular supply of electricity. This may also hinder you to login setup webpage.
    Because as we know to launch www.mywifiext.net webpage connection between the client device and NETGEAR range extender is necessary. And if case extender itself is not in up-state then how does this connection between both device and extender gets established.
    SO do ensure that proper power supply gets delivered to your extender.
    This can be monitored using the status of Power LED.
  • Next possible reason can be an issue with the web browser. In that scenario, you will have to launch setup webpage using a different browser.
    If in case, you want to continue with the same web browser then firstly delete cookies and browsing the history of browser and then launch the setup webpage.
  • ┬áThere is also chances that your web browser may feel trouble while resolving the name to IP address. In that scenario, you can use instead of setup webpage. This IP address is nothing else but IP address assigned to www.mywifiext.net local webpage.
    If you are still not able to login www.mywifiext.net setup wizard then you are highly recommended to go for NETGEAR support.

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