How to update Orbi firmware on Orbi WiFi system using and NETGEAR Orbi App?
A firmware update is a prime requirement for every system to make it work effectively. So does in case of Orbi WiFi system.
Now comes question how to update Orbi firmware?
An answer to that lies in this article.
The user can update NETGEAR Orbi firmware by either using web interface or by using NETGEAR Orbi app. It solely depends on the choice of the user.
Next thing that will come in your mind will be, what are various steps associated with both methods.
An answer to this lies in our further discussion. We are going to discuss various steps involved in both methods, one by one.


Let’s begin with updating firmware using

Update firmware of NETGEAR Orbi system using

  1. For this firstly you will be needed to download the latest firmware by going to NETGEAR Download center and save it at your desired location.
  2. Then launch a web browser on any device that is connected with your Orbi router.
    Although you can use any device that is connected either wirelessly or with wire i.e. Ethernet cable, it is always preferred to use a device that is connected through the wire.
  3. Enter in the address field of your browser.
  4. You will be asked to enter username and password. Enter same credentials over here which you have assigned during the installation process.
  5. Once you get logged in, go to the Firmware Upgrade page and then click on Advanced.
  6. Under Advanced, click on Administration. Then click on Firmware Update.
  7. Next, click on Manual Update.
  8. Upload the downloaded firmware file by clicking on browse.
  9. Then click on Update. This will take a couple of minutes.
  10.  Then Click on Yes to continue.
    By this Orbi firmware gets updates.

Update firmware of NETGEAR Orbi system using Orbi app

  1. The first requirement to update firmware or Orbi WiFi system is to have a mobile device that is connected with Orbi router’s network.
  2. Then launch the Orbi app on this mobile device.
  3. You will be asked to enter the Orbi router’s password. After entering the same, click on Sign In.
  4. Click on Menu icon, present on the top left of the dashboard.
  5.  Then go to Settings and then to Router Settings.
  6. Here tap Check for Updates. In case you get Update Firmware instead, then this shows that your router has new firmware available.
  7. Just follow the onscreen instructions and firmware of your Orbi router will get updated.

We had explained steps involved in both methods i.e. both by using and by Orbi app. This is now entirely user’s choice that which method he/she wants to follow.

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