Firmware updation on NETGEAR Orbi satellite 

NETGEAR Orbi satellites are add-ons to your Orbi router, using which you can increase the WiFi coverage of your Orbi WiFi system both indoors as well as outdoors.
Regular updating of the firmware of your NETGEAR Orbi satellite is as important as of NETGEAR Orbi router. You can update firmware either manually that is using or by Orbi app.
In this article, we are going to discuss how to update the firmware on your NETGEAR Orbi satellite using Hope this article will be fruitful to you.
How to update the firmware on your NETGEAR Orbi satellite using

  • Firstly you will be required to download the latest version of firmware available for your NETGEAR Orbi satellite from NETGEAR Download Centre and save it.
  • Take any computer device which is connected with NETGEAR Orbi. Launch any web browser of your choice.
  • Enter in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Enter credentials to login into Orbi WiFi system. The username will be admin and password will be same which you had assigned during the installation process. By this, you will get logged in.
  • Now click on Advanced then Administration and then Firmware update. This will display the Firmware Update page.
  • Here check whether your NETGEAR Orbi router and satellite are running on latest version of firmware or not.
  •  Click on the Manual Update tab.
  • Now you have to check the box naming to NETGEAR Orbi satellite model number.
  • Then click on the Update button.
  • You will be asked to enter a password. Here enter the same password as you had entered for your Orbi router.
  • Then you will be needed to upload the latest version firmware, which you had downloaded from NETGEAR download center.
  •  For this, click on browse and then locate the downloaded firmware file. Then click on the Upload button.
  • Within a few minutes, your NETGEAR Orbi Satellite will get updated with the newer firmware version.
    In this way, you can update your NETGEAR Orbi satellite using webpage.

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