Difference between Orbi WiFi system and other NETGEAR extender 

An Orbi WiFi system differs from the extended network in many ways such as:

  • One network name throughout the network
    Orbi WiFi system provides network access to a user under one single network name. This user will not be required to switch from one network name to another while roaming around in his/her home.
    Whereas in the case of extenders, whose functionality is centered around boosting WiFi signal. Because of this, there exist two WiFi networks in your vicinity: one for your home network and one for your NETGEAR extender.
    • Tri-band Orbi WiFi system
    Orbi WiFi system comes with dedicated 1.7 Gbps 5 GHz band for extending internet speed to orbi satellites and other two WiFi bands are provided to connect WiFi devices available in your network. This tri-band operability enhances the performance of the orbi WiFi system in a great way.
    Whereas in the case of NETGEAR extender, we do not get tri-band WiFi. Although extender devices are the cost-effective method of enhancing coverage area of your network they do nothing else then to just retransmit the data coming from the home router. So these devices are not as effective to be used for larger homes.
    • Orbi WiFi system is ideal for whole-home coverage
    You can cover up to 5000 square feet of an area by using one Orbi WiFi system, which is good enough to cater to the need of the majority of US homes. If in case you want to have network coverage to an area more than 5,000 square feet then also NETGEAR provides you option of Orbi satellites.
    • No need to place satellites in line-of-sight
    In orbi WiFi system user need not to maintain line-of-sight between satellite and orbi device. This out-of-sight feature is provided because of orbi’s tri-band WiFi technology and antenna design.
    • Orbi devices are easy to install.
    • It comes along with Orbi app. Using this orbi app you can set up the whole home wifi network without creating an account.


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