To set up NETGEAR WiFi range extender you do not need setup CD anymore.

Now you can follow another alternatives provided by NETGEAR to install new NETGEAR WiFI range extender in your network.

What are these methods and how they work? We are going to have discussion about them in great depth in this article.

So if you are searching for methods to set up new NETGEAR WiFi range extender without installation CD, then this article will prove to be highly beneficial for you.

As we all know extender devices are designed to work somewhat same as that of amplifier. Their task is to amplify the incoming signal from network router and send this amplified signal to all other devices connected to it.

Same is in the case of NETGEAR WiFi range extender. They are also used to extend the WiFi range of your network.

Now comes question how to set up these NETGEAR WiFi range extender in your network?

For this although NETGEAR provides you with installation CD but in any case you do not need this installation CD to set up your new NETGEAR extender. That is the reason why even NETGEAR has stoped providing set up CD along with NETGEAR WiFi range extender.

NETGEAR has provided its user with two methods or options, using which they can setup new NETGEAR WiFi range extender in their network.

These two methods are:

  1. Manual method/NETGEAR Genie smart setup/NETGEAR smart wizard
  2. WiFi Protected Setup(WPS) method

These methods are highly easy to be followed. You need not to go into too much technicality of NETGEAR extender and just follow simple steps to install your new NETGEAR WIFI range extender in your network.

But there are few things that should have to ensure before going on to initiate setup of NETEGEAR WiFi range extender. These are:

  1. Ensure your network is in workable state. For this you can check out that your devices connected with your network router are having access to internet or not.

If any issue persist then do contact your Internet Service Provider(ISP).

  • During installation process, your NETGEAR WiFi range extender and network router are required to be placed in same room. Once set up gets completed, you can move or place the extender where you want to deal with issues of dead spots.
  • Power socket at which you are going to put your NETGEAR range extender, is being working properly.
  • Make your network username and password handy. You will require the same during set up.

By this you are all set to begin with NETGEAR WiFi range extender setup.

Let’s discuss each method, one by one.

  1. Manual method/NETGEAR Genie smart setup wizard:- This method is most widely used method to set up NETGEAR WiFi range extender.  Reason for the same is that you need not to ensure any pre requisite befor going for this method.

This method is known by many different names such as NETGEAR Genie smart wizard, method and so on.

In this method you need to launch local webpage to set up new NETGEAR WiFi range extender.

This local webpage will provide you with an interface through which you can configure your extender and connect it with home network.

Let’s discuss steps that need to be followed to set up NETGEAR WiFi range extender through manual method

Step 1

Firstly, you are required to power on your NETGEAR extender and wait until its power LED gets stabilised.

Step 2

Now you will require a device through which you can run NETGEAR extender setup. This can be either computer or laptop. Establish the wired link between your NETGEAR WiFi range extender and computer, with the help of Ethernet cable.

Step 3

Launch a web browser on your computer. Then type in the address bar of your browser. This will prompt you to setup page.

Step 4

Now you will be required to enter credentials so that to login into NETGEAR WiFi extender setup page. These credentials will be:

Username:- admin

Password:- password

Step 5

By this NETGEAR WiFi range extender setup wizard gets launched. You will be required to click on New Extender Setup.

Step 6

Just follow on-screen instructions and you will see that your NETGEAR WiFi range extender setup will get completed.

Now you can place your extender at the point where you want to end issue of network connectivity. But at the same time ensure that NETGEAR extender should be placed in a way that it does not became out of the range of your network router.

For this you can take help of Router Link LED.

  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) method:- This method is well known for the ease it provides to set up NETGEAR WiFi range extender.

This method is also known by the name of Push N Connect method. Reason for the same is that in this method you can install your extender by just pressing WPS button present on both extender as well as on network router.

But there is pre requisite. That is your network router should have to be WPS enabled, only then you can follow WPS method. In case otherwise, you are left with no choice then to follow manual method.

Steps involved in setting up NETGEAR WiFi range extender by WPS method are:

Step 1

Power on your NETGEAR extender device

Step 2

Press WPS button present on your NETGEAR WiFi range extender device.

Step 3

Within the time duration of 2 minutes, press WPS button of your network router.

By this link between your NETGEAR WiFi range extender will get established and it is ready to be used.

In this way NETGEAR WiFi range extender set up using WPS method gets completed.

From above points we can conclude that setting up NETGEAR WiFi range extender through both manual method or through WPS method are too easy.

All you are expected to do is to follow these simple steps and you will find your extender will be installed and you can enjoy uninterrupted network signal throughout your network.

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