How do I login to NETGEAR Genie smart Wizard?

NETGEAR Genie smart wizard is the method through which you can install new NETGEAR range extender and that too without installation CD.

Not only that, even if you want to change any configuration with respect to your NETGEAR WiFi range extender then also NETGEAR genie smart wizard is of great use.

This explains utility of NETGEAR Genie smart wizard in the field of NETGEAR devices.

In this article we will have broader outlook that how can we use NETGEAR genie smart wizard to set up our new NETGEAR range extender as well as how to change configurations of already installed extender using this genie smart wizard.

So let’s get started……….

As we all know NETGEAR provides its user an option to setup new NETGEAR extender without using any installation CD.

These two options are:

  1. Manual method :- which is also called as NETGEAR Genie smart wizard
  2. WPS method

Our topic of discussion will be first method which is manual method, most often called as  NETGEAR Genie smart setup wizard.

This method comes along with many advantages. Special one is that you do not need to ensure any condition before going for this method.

What we meant by condition here??????

In case of WPS method, user needs to ensure that his home router must have to be WPS supporting only then he can go for WPS method of installing NETGEAR extender.

Whereas in case of NETGEAR Genie smart wizard, you do not need to ensure any such thing.

That is the one of the reason why this method is most used one.

Now comes steps that are involved in launching NETGEAR Genie smart wizard. These are as listed below

Step 1

Before initiating any new extender setup, you always need to put that NETGEAR extender on power. Only then you can proceed for NETGEAR extender setup.

Thus in first step power on your NETGEAR WiFi range extender.

But before powering on the extender. You should have to keep one thing in mind that is, while NETGEAR extender setup is going on, place your extender and home router in the same room.

Once installation process gets completed, you can place the extender wherever you want with the help of Spot finder.

Step 2

Once device gets powered on, next step is to connect your extender with any device through which you will launch NETGEAR genie smart wizard, such as computer, laptop or tablet.

This connection can be wired or wireless.

If you want to have a wired connection then connect NETGEAR extender and computer with the help of Ethernet cable.

Whereas if you want to have wireless connection then you just go to available WiFi networks on your computer and just click on network named same as your home network along with suffix of _Ext.

Step 3

Once connection gets established, launch web browser on the computer. You can use any web browser for this purpose.

This will automatically prompt you to webpage. But if not, then you will be required to type in the address bar of the browser.

Step 4

Then you will be asked to enter credentials to get logged into this local webpage.

By default NETGEAR WiFi range extender comes with following credentials.

Username: admin

Password: password

Step 5

After successfully logging into the local webpage, you will find that NETGEAR Genie smart wizard will be launched.

Here click on New Extender Setup.

Step 6

Now onwards, all you have to do is to follow on screen instructions and make changes as per your choice.

By this only, you will  be able to complete new extender setup with the help of NETGEAR genie smart setup.

This shows how easy it is.

Up to here we had talked about how to use NETGEAR Genie smart wizard to launch new extender setup.

Now comes second part of our discussion, that is how to change configuration of already installed NETGEAR extender using NETGEAR Genie smart wizard.

For this steps remain somewhat same as in new extender setup.

Steps involved are:

Firstly Launch a web browser on any device that is connected with your NETGEAR WiFi range extender’s network.

Once web browser gets launched then next task is to enter in the address bar of the browser.

This will ask you to enter credentials to get logged into NETGEAR Genie smart wizard.

If you had changed the credentials then enter the same over there. Otherwise by default every NETGEAR extender come with credentials which are:

Username: admin

Password: password

Once you enter the credentials, NETGEAR Genie smart setup will be launched.

Here you can make required changes by going to that particular option.

Let’s say you want to change the wireless settings of your extender.

Then in this case you will be required to go to Wireless Settings tab.

After making required changes just click on Apply.

By this all changes that you had made will get saved.

In this way you can use NETGEAR Genie smart wizard to do almost every task related to your NETGEAR WiFi extender.

By this we sum up our discussion.

In conclusion we can say that in this article we had discussed elaborately about how NETGEAR Genie smart wizard can be used for both new extender setup as well as for changing the configuration of already installed extender.

We can say that NETGEAR Genie smart wizard is actually a genie using which you can do whatever you want to do with respect to your NETGEAR WiFi range extender.

We hope all information provided in this article will prove to be helpful as well as fruitful to you.

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