and access error

I am unable to login and webpage. How can I troubleshoot this access error?

If you are facing issue while accessing NETGEAR router login page, then this article will be of great help to you.
In this article, we will discuss primary reasons associated with this issue, as well as steps associated to troubleshoot this issue.
SO Let’s get started.
Firstly, let’s discuss reasons associated with and access error.
There may exist multiple reasons for it, but prime reasons associated with it include

  • Cache of browser
  • Issue related with IP address

So you will be required to address these issues to fix the error.
Various steps involved in troubleshooting and access error includes:

1. Firstly, ensure that you are entering a valid web address and then valid username and password, which in case of NETGEAR router is:
Web address:- or
Username: – admin
Password: – password But please keep in mind, if you had changed username and password for your router during installation process then enter same username and password here.
2. If in case, you are getting an error while launching NETGEAR login page then this signifies that there exists an issue with your browser cache.
So firstly, delete the cache of your browser and try to relaunch the login page.
If you do not want to do all such things, then you can also switch from one web browser to other.
That means you can launch a router login page using any other web browser.
3. There also exist other alternatives for the same, i.e. launch router login page using router IP address, which in case of NETGEAR router is or
4. If in fact, an issue persists then you will be required to access the router login page using other methods, like a wired Ethernet connection or by accessing login page through any other device. That means if you are using the desktop to launch login page then you can switch to tablet or other laptops for this purpose.
But the most trusted way to follow is to use the wired Ethernet connection. So try to use this method, if possible.5. One among many reasons for inaccessibility to the login page, includes a connection with multiple networks at the same time, such as connection with wired as well as wireless network, VPN or corporate connection and so on.
In this case, you are advised to disconnect to all other networks except NETGEAR router network and then launch router login page.
6. There is also a possibility that firewall installed on your device is hindering the establishment of the connection between router and device. So it is advised to disable the firewall for the time being, on your device.
7. If none of the above-listed steps resolve the issue and even by following these steps you are unable to launch router login page, then you are advised to go for factory reset your router.
But do keep in mind that by going for factory reset, all your customized settings concerning NETGEAR router will get lost and you will be required to reconfigure your router from the start.
8. Once you go for factory reset, you are required to login into web address by entering same details as mentioned in the first step of the troubleshooting steps.
9. After logging into the login page, click on Advanced.

Then go for Router Update
and then Check

Here if system found new firmware then click on Yes to update your router to the latest firmware.

This step will help you avoid getting stuck into such issues in the nearby future.

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