Steps involved in setting up Orbi router and satellite

Orbi WiFi system which includes Orbi router and Orbi satellite are highly famous among users because of its various features, which differentiate the Orbi WiFi system from other WiFi extender system.
Various steps that you need to follow to setup Orbi router and Orbi satellite are:

  1. Firstly, you need to power off the modem. If in case it is using any backup battery then do ensure of removing it.
  2. Then power on your modem by putting it on the power outlet.
  3.  Then use an Ethernet cable to establish the connection between your Orbi router and modem. Inject Ethernet cable at yellow internet port of your Orbi router.
  4. Then power on your Orbi router. Ensure that Power LED on Orbi router lighten up. If in case it does not, then press Power On/Off button of your Orbi device.
  5. Now the user has to wait for a while to which Ring LED turns to be pulsing white.
  6. Now comes about placing of your Orbi satellite. It is always advisable to place a satellite in the midway of your home so that best WiFi coverage can be ensured.
  7. Power on our Orbi satellite. If the power LED does not lighten up, then press Power On/Off button present on your satellite device.
  8.  Now, wait until Orbi satellite’s ring LED turns to be pulse magenta.
  9. Once Orbi satellite’s ring LED turns to be magenta, it will lighten up with any one of the following colors for about 10 seconds and then will turn off.
    Solid blue. Signifies good state of connection between Orbi router and Orbi satellite.
    Solid magenta. This shows that your Orbi satellite is unable to connect to the Orbi router. In that case, you are required to move satellite closer towards Orbi router.
    Solid amber. This shows a fairer connection between Orbi router and Orbi satellite. In this case, you may consider moving the Orbi satellite closer to the Orbi router.
    Once you move the satellite towards the Orbi router, press Sync button on both router and satellite device.
    Successful syncing will turns Orbi satellite’s ring LED to pulses white and then to solid blue, to signify good connection, before turning off.
  10. Now establish the connection between your computer or any other mobile device and Orbi router or satellite. You can do so either by using an Ethernet cable or by using WiFi mode.
    In case you want to establish connection wirelessly then all you have to do is, go to wireless network manager on your computer and then connect to SSID of Orbi router or satellite. This SSID and password will be mentioned on the label present on your Orbi router or Orbi satellite.
  11. Then open the web browser on that computer and enter in the address field and follow the on-screen instructions and your Orbi network will be set up.

We hope these steps will help you make your Orbi network work seamlessly and enjoy uninterrupted WiFi coverage throughout your network.

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