How do I log in to Netgear router

If your home network has a NETGEAR router and you are troubled to know how to log into the router, then this article will prove to be a great help for you.

To log into a NETGEAR router, all you have to do is to follow below-listed steps.

  1. Firstly you will require any device such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, which is connected with your NETGEAR router’s network.
  2. Then open up the web browser on the device. You can use any web browser of your choice, for this purpose.
  3. Then enter or
    You can also use an IP address that is: or instead of the above-stated web pages.
  4.  This will prompt you to a login window, which will ask you to enter the credentials to log into the router.
  5.  If you are logging into a router for the first time or if you had not changed the default credentials, then the credentials will be
    Username:- admin
    Password:- password
    Do keep in mind that these credentials are case sensitive.
    By this, you will become able to log into NETGEAR router’s home screen. Here you can make desired changes as per your requirements.

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