New Netgear Extender Setup Using Netgear Smart Wizard

What are various steps involved in installing new NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender using NETGEAR smart wizard? How it is different from the WPS method?
You can install NETGEAR extender by following anyone method among Manual method and WPS method.
NETGEAR smart wizard is nothing else but the manual method of installing NETGEAR range extender.
But before proceeding further into the core of the question, let’s first discuss some basics about extender and its functioning.
Extenders are networking devices which are characterized to enhance signal strength of your existing network. By enhancing signal strength WiFi signal become capable to bear more penetration losses.
So if in case your network has dead spots (points where internet connectivity is almost negligible), the best possible solution for them is NETGEAR WiFi range extender.
Once you bought up extender then next possible task in front of you is to install new extender.
NETGEAR provides you with two ways of new extender setup. That is

  1. Manual method: – Also called as NETGEAR smart wizard, NETGEAR genie setup and so on.
  2. Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) method

The user can choose among them as per his/her convenience. Although the manual method can be used in every network setup WPS method will be applicable only in that network setup where the router does contain the WPS button.
Now let’s start our discussion on “how to setup Netgear extender using NETGEAR extender smart wizard or manual method”.
Various steps involved in smart wizard setup are, as listed below:

  • While installing extender, minimize the distance between your extender and network router, as much as possible.
  • Then power on your extender device. Wait until Power LED turns to be solid green.
  • Now you will require a device, such as a computer or a laptop to carry on the installation process further. In this scenario, we are taking the computer as this device.
  • Establish an Ethernet wired connection between the computer and your range extender.
  • Once the connection between your computer and extender gets established, launch a web browser.
  • You will automatically be prompted to NETGEAR extender smart wizard. But if in case it does not happen, then you will need to enter manually in the address bar of web browser.
  •  You will be asked to enter the credentials. As you are installing extender for the first time, so here you have to enter default credentials which are:
    Username: admin
    Password: password
  • Here you can alter the wireless settings of your range extender as per your requirement. But for this, firstly, go to Setup and then to Wireless Setup.
  • If in case, you want to stick to existing settings for time being, then hit on Continue button.
  • Once you made changes, click on Apply Settings.
  • By this, all changes that you had made gets applied.

Due to this connection between your device and range extender’s network gets lost.

  •  Thus to access range extender’s network you will be required to reconnect your device with extender’s network by going to the wireless network of your device.

So that’s it your range extender gets installed using Smart setup wizard.
Now we will proceed toward the WPS method.
As stated above also, the WPS method uses WiFi signal for establishing the connection between the extender and network router.
Thus in case of WPS method you need not have hassled wired connection, which is required in manual method.
This is the main difference between the manual method and the WPS method.
But on the other hand manual method can be applied in all type of network whereas the WPS method will be applied only in the network where WPS enabled router is used.
The thing that remains common between both WPS method and the manual method is webpage.
In case of WPS method, although range extender gets installed by establishing the connection between router and extender by WiFi signal but still to change the wireless configuration of NETGEAR range extender we will be required to login into
Thus we can conclude that although the utility of this webpage differs from one method to other, it does exist.

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