Fastlane Technology For EX6400, EX7000 or EX7300

How does webpage support enabling Fastlane technology on NETGEAR EX6400, EX7000 or EX7300 Wi-Fi range extender?
Fastlane technology enables users to get maximum performance out of their NETGEAR range extender. But not all extenders support Fastlane technology.
So be specific about the model number of the extender, if you want to have Fastlane technology feature in your extender.
Once you bought up an extender with Fastlane technology feature, then comes how to enable it.
Let’s say you have EX6400, EX7000 or EX7300 WiFi range extender and want to enable Fastlane technology on it, then steps that should have to be followed are:
Step1: Use any client device that is connected with extender’s network, to launch a web browser.
Step 2: Launch webpage.
Step3: Login into a webpage by entering email id and password, which you had assigned during the installation process.
Step 4: By this NETGEAR genie wizard will get launched.
Step5: Go to Do More tab present on the left-hand side of the screen. Under this, click on Fastlane.

Step 6: Then you will get a Fastlane technology page. Here click on Fastlane technology.
Step 7: Now you will get two options. That is:
Option 1: Device-to-extender in 5GHz only and extender-to-router in 2.4GHz only.
This option includes dedicating 5 GHz frequency band for establishing the link between client devices and NETGEAR extender, and 2.4 GHz band for extender and router connection.

Option 2: Device-to-extender in 2.4GHz only and extender-to-router in 5GHz only (router must support 5GHz band).

In this 2.4 GHz band is dedicated for the device to extender connection and 5 GHz band for the extender to the router.
The user can choose among these options as per his/her network requirement.
Step 8: At last click on Save.
Once you click on Save, all changes that you had made, gets applied and your device gets disconnected from extender’s network. You need to re-connect with extender’s network. By this Fastlane, technology gets enabled on your device.