In the world of technology and speed, there is always the demand of the best and the fastest internet connection in order to be updated every time. Even if the connection goes slow for an hour, the biggest of the business deals can come to halt. This is the level of the requirement that we have for internet on board.  Everyone wants to achieve the best in minimum possible expenditure. If the person is tech savvy or if the person is not so much into resolution, but still both need the internet to be uninterrupted and smooth.

This is the reason why Routers where invented in order to make sure the connection remains up and sound almost throughout the day. When single router don’t come handy, it’s the extension of the existing Wi-Fi network that bring about the difference in your home network. SO let’s walk through the article to know the two best Brands in the market for routers.

How to choose the best Router?

To understand which Wi-Fi router is required by you, you first need to clarify what type of requirements you have. If you have any of Wireless devices at home, then you can go for any Wireless Router Device available with NetGear but if you have a wired connection more than the wireless ones, then you can buy the similar routers available with T-P Link.

Make sure to ponder these reasons that you do require a Wi-Fi Router:

  • Suffering from Dead Zone
  • You need to have strong connections all around the house
  • You need the network to be spread around the basement and terrace.

NetGear Wi-Fi Router:

Everyone knows that NetGear excels in providing the best wireless routers in the market and with the development of Nighthawk X10 wireless router, the expectations have reached the highest. What makes this hardware the maximum in demand nowadays is the availability of most modern technology in your home Wi-Fi network.

Some of its excellent features are:

  • Wi-Fi AD technology that is not available in any other brand routers.
  • It supports both wireless AC and N connections.
  • The advent of AD technology allows it to offer you up to 7 gigabytes per second of speed which is best for 4K streaming and VR gaming.
  • The routers have Quad Core CPU making it proficient in connecting with large number of devices at a time.

TP LINK Wi-Fi Routers:

One of the other brand in the market of Wired Network Connection, TP Link has made some of the remarkable achievements. Sighting the technology of 1200 Mbps Wi-Fi speeds. There are also the adjustable antennas to deliver decent coverage along with the strong connection.

Some of its excellent features are:

  • Cheap in price as compared to NetGear and packed with almost many technologies.
  • The hardware has MU-MIMO and TRI- BAND technology.
  • With multiple bands the router can reach up to a speed of 7200 Mbps to cover almost all over the house.
  • The availability of 4 GB LAN and 1 GB WAN port with two USB 3.0 ports, the hardware becomes easy to be connected with wired or wireless devices easily.


Choosing a Wi-Fi router can be a great effort sometimes, but yeah they are very helpful in extending the existing network without the large expense. These Routers have many things in common and few in disparity. Choose them on the basis of your requirements and needs. Not everyone has the need of highest technicality or not everyone can live with adjusting connection. It’s just that you have to determine your needs.Although, you cannot go wrong in choosing the either as they come from a very specialized brand such as NetGear and TP LINK.

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