In the world of technology and speed, there is always the demand of the best and the fastest internet connection in order to be updated every time. We all might remember the day Twitter and Instagram servers were low, the public was going GaGa for the slow connection or lower updates. The world was having the headline about the slow server. So when these social apps can tremble to whole world, you can imagine what happens when the small internet connection of your house goes slow.

This is the reason why Extenders where invented in order to make sure the connection remains up and sound almost throughout the day. When single router don’t come handy, it’s the extenders that bring about the difference in your home network. SO let’s walkthrough the article to know the two best Brands in the market for extenders.

How to choose the Best Wi-Fi Extender?

To understand which Wi-Fi extender is required by you, you first need to clarify what type of router you have. If you have any of Wireless Router, then you can go for any Wireless Extender Device available with NetGear but if you have a wired connection Router, then you can buy the similar routers available with T-P Link.

Make sure to ponder these reasons that you do require a Wi-Fi Extender:

  • Suffering from Dead Zone
  • You need to have strong connections all around the house
  • You need the network to be spread around the basement and terrace.

NetGear Wi-Fi Extender:

NetGear has always been the most introductory brand in bringing the latest technology in the field of Wireless Network. There is also the presence of Quad-core processor on the hardware, further elevating the level of technology. Providing the speed of 2.2 Gbps, NetGear has proved itself once again to be one of the best options for 4k streaming and speediest internet connection.

Also following the Mesh Technology, NetGear makes it easy for the other devices to get connected. Besides everyone using the network, they can easily roam about throughout the network without getting into any dead zones.

Pros: Mesh technologyMu-MIMO enabledUSB 3.0 portseSATA porteasy setup     Cons: a bit of outdated softwarehardware is bulky a bitsomewhat expensive

TP LINK Wi-Fi Extender:

One of the other brand in the market of Wired Network Connection, TP Link has made some of the remarkable achievements. Sighting the technology of 1200 Mbps Wi-Fi speeds. There are also the adjustable antennas to deliver decent coverage along with the strong connection.

If you are someone not into heavy gaming or video streaming, the you can easily go for the TP Link Extenders, as they don’t really have any complicated setup and installation. The Extenders are almost compatible with all the routers and Access points. It works best with Microsoft Windows, NetWare, UNIX and Linux. TP link also excels in providing great Customer Support so if you are someone who is not much into technology then you can rely on TP LINK Extenders to get Customer Support for easy installation.

Pros: External Dual Band AntennasHelping LED signalsGreat CoverageEasy Installation and setup     Cons: a bit slow in terms of signal strengthhardware is bulky a bitSudden connection drop


Choosing a Wi-Fi extender can be a great effort sometimes, but yeah they are very helpful in extending the existing network without the large expense. These Extenders have many things in common and few in disparity. You cannot go wrong in choosing the either as they come from a very specialized brand such as NetGear and TP LINK.

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