Smart wizard | Mywifiext Net Setup Call - 1-844-663-3333 smart wizard is nothing else but a method of setting up new NETGEAR range extender using mywifiext local webpage.

NETGEAR provides it’s users with two ways of setting up new NETGEAR extender. That are:

1. Manual method or smart wizard
2. WI-FI Protected Setup(WPS) method.

Among them, although WPS method is easiest but yet manual method or is most commonly used.

Reason for the same is that, setup wizard does not want any particular pre-requisite to get started with.

That means, while in case of WPS method, user needs to ensure that both network router/switch and extender are WPS enabled but in case of smart wizard there is no such requirement.

This makes this smart wizard as best commonly used method to install new NETGEAR extender in existing network.

This smart wizards enable user to install extender without using WPS button.

So if you are struggling to install your Wi-Fi extender and at the same time, does not have WPS enabled device i.e. router or switch then need not to worry. http//:mywifiext.local is there to escape you out from such situation.

All you have to do is to launch setup wizard and follow simple instructions that get displayed during smart setup wizard.

By this your NETGEAR extender stands to be installed.

From these very basic discussion you can know how smart wizard is used.

To get more insight on the same, let’s proceed our discussion in most systematical manner.

Firstly, let’s get started with discussing what is myywifiext local webpage.

In coming sections, we will discuss the procedure to setup Mywifi Netgear extender in great detail but firstly let's initiate our discussion about extenders in general.

What does Mywifiext stand for?

Today's era is also known as technological era. Our life is totally becoming technology-centric. From paying off our electricity bill to our work assignments, we need internet.

Thus a workable internet connection is the most important requirement of our life. A day without internet can cause real disaster in our life.

For a workable internet connection, you do need some networking devices such as a router, switch, extender and so on.

As the very name suggests, extenders are devices which are used to extend the already installed network's coverage area.

Let's say you have a network. But the problem with this network is the presence of dead spots. That means a spot or place, where signal strength is poor.

In such type of scenario, you need to install Wi-Fi extender in your network and say goodbye to these dead spots.

This extender will amplify the Wi-Fi signal and make it approachable to every spot. This end the issue of dead spots forever.

Which Mywifi Netgear extender to buy for my network?

After knowing the utility of extender, next question that may strike in your mind is which WiFi extender to buy?

Answer to this varies case to case basis.

You may find number of extenders of different brands in market. But at the last the only fact that prevails is your network requirement.

On this website we are going to discuss various facts and aspects related to NETGEAR Mywifi Ext.

Various NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extenders are: NETGEAR WN1000RP, WN2000RPTV1, WN2500RP, WN3000RP, WN3500RP, EX2700, EX3700, EX3800, EX3920, EX6000, EX6120, EX6100, EX6150, EX6200, EX6400, EX6920, EX7000, EX7300, EX7500, EX8000 Wi-Fi Range Extenders.

But to know which extender is suitable for your network, you must know their basic characteristics, which we had explained in other articles of our website. Do follow them to get better insight.

Next comes about how to setup this extender in your existing setup?

Let's discuss this in great detail.

Mywifiext net - New NETGEAR Extender Setup | 1-844-663-3333

To setup NETGEAR extender in your setup you are required to launch NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender setup wizard with the help of webpage.

This local webpage is characterised to perform multiple functions with respect to your NETGEAR extender device, such as managing extender network, launching new extender setup, port forwarding and much more.

Thus we can easily conclude that this local webpage is one single solution to multiple problems regarding your extender device.

Most of NETGEAR extenders can be installed as both extender as well as access point. User is provided with two methods for setting up new extender in extender mode in his/her network. That are:

  1. Manual method
  2. WPS method

The main difference between these methods lies in way of establishing connection between extender and home router.

We will discuss about both of these methods in great detail in coming sections.

One thing that is common among both of these method is local webpage.

If you are installing your extender using manual method then you are required to launch NETGEAR genie setup which can be launched only through this local webpage.

Even if you had installed your extender by WPS method even then you need to login webpage to change configurations of your extender.

Let's proceed our discussion toward installing extender in extender mode.

Steps for Installing Mywifiext Netgear Extender

Installing extender in extender mode means that your extender will work same as other extender does, and not like access point. Thus prime task of your extender in this case will be to boost up the incoming signal from home router and send it throughout the network.

NETGEAR provides user with two methods for installing NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender in extender mode that are:

  1. smart wizard/ Manual method
  2. WPS method setup wizard/Manual method: - This method is named so because of the reason that user needs to enter various details manually during setup wizard. This makes this method little tedious then that of WPS method.

There are many other names by which we refer to this method such as NETGEAR Genie setup, setup wizard and many other. So do not get confused between them.

All steps that you have to follow during installation process are:

  1. First thing comes first. So first step is nothing else but just to power on the extender. Before moving further do ensure Power LED should have to get lighten blue.
  2. Then establish connection between Wi-Fi device and extender. You can do this either by Wi-Fi connection or by Ethernet connection.
  3. Now you need to launch web browser on your Wi-Fi device. You can use any web browser for this purpose such as chrome, internet explorer or any other.
    You will automatically have prompted to setup page. But if due to any reason it does not open up by its own then you will be required to manually enter in the address bar of the internet browser. This will land you on login
  4. Here after entering default credentials that are admin as username and password as password, you will receive a New Extender Setup button on the screen. Just click on it.
  5. You will be asked to fill various details to create an account with NETGEAR. After completing these details click on NEXT.
  6. Then option will be displayed on your screen asking you to select between installing extender in extender mode or access point mode. Here do click on Wi-Fi RANGE EXTENDER option.
  7. List of all available networks will get displayed on your screen. Select that network which you want to extend using extender.
  8. Now you will be provided with option of assigning new password for your extender. You can also change other wireless settings of your extender over here.
  9. At last click on Finish. That's it installation process gets over. Now you can unplug the device and place it near the spot where you have dead spots.

You can use Router Link LED for locating adequate position of extender device. If status of LED will be green, then this signifies that place is suitable to place your extender. But if in case LED lights to be red then you need to move your extender toward router.

By this you will be able to install your extender successfully in your network.

2-WPS method: - WPS method is more easy to be followed then that of manual method. Reason for the same is, establishment of link between range extender and home router with just pressing WPS button. This is the reason why this method is also named a Push N Connect method.

But there is one pre requisite for this method and that is your home router must also have to be WPS enabled.

If in case your router does not support WPS then you are left with no other option then to follow manual method for installation.
All steps involved in setting up extender by WPS method are:

  1. First step remains same for both manual and WPS method and that is powering on extender device. Status of the same can be monitored by using Power LED present on extender.
  2. Then locate WPS button on your NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender. You have to press and hold it for a while. By this WPS LED on the extender will start blinking. This means that WPS connection is in progress.
  3. Then press WPS button present on your home router. Time span between pressing WPS button on router and extender should not exceed 2 minutes.

Within a while you will notice that WPS LED will turn to be solid. This signifies that WPS link between extender and router has been established successfully. Even Router Link LED will also lit up to be solid green, to signify successful link between extender and router.

If status of these LEDs are not as mentioned above, then repeat the steps of installation. If in case, problem still persists then you will have to go by manual method of installation which we had discussed above.

In this way setup process using WPS method gets completed.

Now you can place it wherever you desire, with the help of Router Link LED.

Steps for setting up Mywifiext range extender in access point mode?

As already discussed above, you can install your NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender in both access point as well as extender mode.

Steps involved in setting up extender in extender mode are already discussed above. So let's begin our discussion on setting up NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender in access point mode.

To make extender work as access point you need to establish Ethernet connection between your home router and extender.

In access point mode, extender will work as Wi-Fi hotspot which will deliver signal to all users getting connected with LAN.

Steps involved to setup extender as access point are:

  1. Once you power on your extender device, connect home router and extender using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Use any Wi-Fi device such as laptop, tablet etc. to get connected with extender's network.
  3. For this you need to go to Network Manager. Here you will find list of available networks. Select network named as NEGEAR_EXT. This network name pertains to your extender network.
  4. Then launch web browser. This will automatically prompt you to local webpage of NETGEAR. But if in case it does not, then do enter in the address bar of your browser.
  5. Click on NEW EXTENDER SETUP button.
    This will prompt you to a window where you will be needed to enter various details. After completing them click on NEXT.
  6. Now you will be asked to select that whether you want to install your extender in extender mode or access point mode. Here do select Access point.
  7. Select the type of network that is whether it is public network or private network or home network.
  8. At last set up new network name and password for your access point network.

That's it. Now your extender is ready to be used in access point mode.

CD-less installation

Normally NETGEAR extender does come along with installation CD. But there are some extenders like WN1000RP, WN3500RP, EX6100, EX6200 which do not require installation CD for their setup.

To install these extenders you need to launch installation wizard such as NETGEAR Genie setup wizard.

If you are also planning to buy any one extender among them then do not panic while receiving no installation CD along with extender.

Installing such extenders are also very easy. Steps that needs to be followed for their setup includes:

  1. Firstly power on your NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender and wait until status of Power LED turns to be green.
  2. Once the extender device comes in up-state, you will find a new network named as "NETGEAR_EXT" in the available Wi-Fi network's list.
  3. You have to connect to this very network. This network name pertains to your extender's network.
  4. Then launch any internet browser like google chrome, internet explorer or any other.
    By this you will automatically prompted to NETGEAR extender setup wizard. If in case you do not, then do enter in the address bar.
  5. Then follow instructions that gets displayed on your screen and that's it, your extender will get installed. Smart Wizard Troubleshooting | Call 1-844-663-3333

Sometimes it has been found that when user want to access webpage then he/she may get error message stating "Unable to connect".

There can be many reasons for the same. But prime thing to remember is that you will be able to access page only if your device is connected with NETGEAR range extender's network either through wire like Ethernet cable or through Wi-Fi.

Error message shown because of the inability to connect with webpage, also varies from one web browser to other. Such as:

For internet explorer message displayed will be "Page cannot be displayed" or You are not connected to a network.

For Safari it will be "Can't find Server".

For Google Chrome it will be "Unable to connect to the internet. Google Chrome can't display the webpage because your computer isn't connected to the internet".

This was all about error messages. Now let's discuss some common troubleshooting steps to deal with these error messages.

  1. It is always recommended to place range extender and home router in close proximity. So during the installation process place your NETGEAR range extender and network router in the same room.
  2. Then comes power supply. It may happen that due to any issue your extender may not be getting proper supply. You can take the help of Power LED to know the status of power supply. If Power LED is green, then this shows the device is getting proper power supply.
  3. Check the status of Device to Extender LED. It should have to be green. If in case it is not, then disconnect your device and re-establish the connection.
  4. In some cases, user can't access webpage because of the issue with web browser. For this you are recommended to try opening webpage using another web browser.
  5. There is chances that your web browser may be unable to resolve name to IP. So you are recommended to enter instead of in the address bar of web browser.
  6. Try with assigning static IP to computer.

If in case, you are still unable to troubleshoot the issue of Mywifiext net Smart Wizard/Mywifiext Local then do take help of Mywifiext Smart Wizard support at 1-844-663-3333