Netgear WN2500RP Extender

Netgear WN2500RP Extender is not one of the best choices for extending your wifi range strength but with the help of 4 ports provided, it can easily connect 4 different devices. Plug in an Ethernet receipt or ticket printer if you can't run a cable directly to the router.

How to Netgear WN2500RP Extender Setup:

• Connect the power cable. Plug the other end into an outlet. Press the power button.
• Wait for the power light to turn solid green.
• Connect the extender to a network.
• Connect the extender to your network so it has internet access. Pick Automatic WPS Setup if your router supports it (look for a button labeled "WPS" or check the user guide). Otherwise, scroll down to Manual Setup.
• Press the WPS button on the side.
• Wait for the light on the front to blink .
• (optional) Unplug the extender from power, place it where you want, and plug it back in.
• The extender's new WiFi network(s) begin with your router's WiFi name + "_2GEXT" or "_5GEXT". They use the same password as your router.

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