Netgear Extender Setup

It is very easy to setup Netgear My Wifi Extender Setup step by step as mentioned below:

Manually connect with the netgear wifi extender:

1. Connect to netgear wifi extender via Ethernet cable.
2. Visit to for login to the web user. Just enter a username and password
3. After logged in, go to setup > wireless settings.
4. Check the network key under security options. You password must be match with your access point password
5. Recommend wifi to the Netgear wifi extender using either the WPS button or manual connection.

If you have a NETGEAR WiFi Extender without an Ethernet port

1. Reset your netgear wifi extender back to default settings.
2. Connect via wifi to netgear wifi extender
3. Go to for login to web user interface of your wifi extender. Enter the login credentials.
4. Setup wizard to setup connection with Access Point. But don’t use WPS when reconnecting to the Access point.
5. Reconnect your Wi-Fi devices to your netdear WiFi Extender using either the WPS button or manual connection.

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