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What are various steps involved in setting up new NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender using manual method? Does it is same as My WiFi Extender setup?

Manual method is most convenient method to be followed by user in case he/she is not sure that whether network router is WPS enabled or not. First step to be followed while following manual method is to launch local webpage provided by NETGEAR. You can search more about it by writing it in many different ways such as My WiFi extender setup, setup wizard and much more. Result for them will be same. Once webpage get opened up, pop up window will be displayed on your screen, asking you to enter credentials. Then you will enter into setup wizard.

How to install the EX2700 with NETGEAR genie?

Steps to install the EX2700 – N300 Wireless Range Extender using the NETGEAR genie user interface are described below.

Steps to install the EX2700
1. Firstly place the netgear EX2700 extender in the same room as the wireless router is.
2. Be sure that your router is working.
3. Power on netgear extender EX2700 and wait for the Power LED to become stable.
4. Connect the device having web browser (wireless computers, smart phones, and tablets) to the EX2700.So that you can open mywifiext setup wizard on it While using wired connection, use Ethernet cable on the LAN port of the EXT to connect and the LAN port LED should blink. If you are using wireless connection, then you have to look for the wireless network name, NETGEAR_EXT which is unsecured.
5. Then open a web browser. This should take you to NETGEAR genie setup to help with the netgear extender installation. Note: If you do not see NETGEAR genie when you open a browser, type or Then enter User Name and Password, and you will be prompted into EX2700 mywifiext setup wizard.
6. Wait till NETGEAR genie scan your WiFi networks
7. Then it will list available networks within the range of the wireless netgear Extender, just select your network and click Continue.
8. Enter password of your main wireless network and click Continue.
9. Then enter SSID.
10. Now wireless settings for your EXT have changed and now you have to connect to your network before clicking Continue.
11. After connecting wireless devices to the new network, click on Finish to complete the installation.
12. Now place your extender wherever you want to place it but just keep in mind that it should be placed upto the point where optimal signal can be received by extender from router.

How to setup netgear extender WN3000RPv2?

There are some Steps for installing WN3000RPv2 are given below.

Steps to install WN3000RPv2
1. Firstly power on netgear extender WN3000RPv2.
2. Wait until the Power LED become solid green.
3. Scan for available networks with the help of your wireless computer, tablet or smartphone, and connect to the WN3000RPv2 SSID. The SSID is: SSID: NETGEAR_EXT
4. Once you are connected to the network, the Extender’s Client Link LED will turn on.
5. Open an internet browser and type www.mywifiext net. NETGEAR genie will be opened.
6. Here select the SSID and then click Continue.
7. Now enter password and click Continue.
8. After changing settings click on continue.
9. NETGEAR genie will apply the settings made by you.
10 Now connect to the netgear Wi-Fi extender network and click Continue.
11. Then click on Finish. Now you will note that Arrow LEDs will turn on.

Here by following simple steps your NETGEAR range extender stands to be configured. You can explore more on it by following link given under "Related articles".

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