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What are various purposes served by www.mywifiext.net setup page? Can you elucidate difference between www.mywifiext.net and www.mywifiext.net setup page?

Every device comes along with one webpage which works as interface between device and user. It enables user to do as much modification as he/she desires for. In case of NETGEAR range extender devices this interface is provided by www.mywifiext.net webpage, which is nothing else but NETGEARā€™s local webpage. It enables user to configure his/her NETGEAR device in way he/she desires for. www.mywifiext.net is webpage through which all functions related to your NETGEAR wireless range extender are controlled such as launching new NETGEAR range extender setup, changing username and password, changing frequency band on which extender works and what not.

www.mywifiext.net and www.mywifiext.net setup page means one and same thing. As stated above www.mywifiext.net enables user to control all type of functionality of NETGEAR WiFi range extender thus this local webpage is also called as www.mywifiext.net setup page.

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