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I have no knowledge of networking devices. While searching online about my NETGEAR range extender. I encountered with word most promptly. What is meaning of this local webpage?

NETGEAR devices are so easy to handle that even if user is not from networking field, he can easily manage to deal with NETGEAR devices such as NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender. To make the interaction between user and NETGEAR wireless range extender, NETGEAR has develop a user-friendly interface, which is known by many different names such as, local webpage, setup page, and much more. This interface plays great role while dealing with NETGEAR range extender devices. This is one webpage on which user have to depend for changing any configuration of NETGEAR range extender device. You can explore more about it by following link given under "Related article".

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Netgear new extender setup page steps is a local website.