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I want to go for new NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender setup. How can I use setup wizard for it?

Every Netgearian is well aware of one terminology that is setup wizard. It is not possible that you had been using NETGEAR devices but had not heard of setup wizard.

Once you bought up NETGEAR WiFi range extender then next possible task in front of you is new NETGEAR WiFi range extender setup. Your this purpose is served by setup wizard. It provides user an interface through which he/she can give commands to his/her NETGEAR extender to perform a task in a particular way. Although primary task of setup wizard is to setup new NETGEAR WIFI range extender but it can also be used for modifying various NETGEAR range extender’s setting such as NETGEAR range extender’s password and username, changing operational frequency band of your extender if your extender is dual band and much more.

It is not necessary that setup wizard is launched only while setting up new NETGEAR WIFI range extender setup. You can launch it whenever required.

Once you launch setup wizard, pop up window will be displayed on your screen asking for username and password to login into setup wizard. If you are going for band new extender setup, then all you need is to enter username and password which are assigned by default to NETGEAR range extender. This is:
Username: admin
Password: password

By entering these credentials you will be able to start setup wizard. But if in case you want to login into setup page of your already installed extender and had changed username and password of extender earlier then now you have to enter the same username and password here and get logged into setup wizard.

Once logged in, you can make modification as per your requirement and enrich your experience with NETGEAR WiFi range extender devices.

But if in any case you encounter with any sort of trouble while installation process then you are recommended to contact customer care of NETGEAR for assistance.

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