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How setup page works? Does NETGEAR Genie setup, setup page and setup wizard are one and same thing? setup page enables user to launch new NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender setup in already existing network. As the name suggest extenders are designed to function as amplifier, which enhances the signal strength by amplifying the incoming signal to such extent that it become approachable to far end of your network. Same is replicated by NETGEAR WiFi range extender.

NETGEAR provides user an interface through which he/she can configure NETGEAR range extender device as per requirement. This user interface is called as Setup page. This setup page is available with all NETGEAR wireless range extender devices that includes- wn1000rp, wn2000rptv3, wn3000rpv1, wn2500rp, wn3500rp.

NETGEAR Genie setup, setup page and all of them pertain to one and same thing. Whenever you launch new extender setup though manual method then you need to login into setup page which is called by many different names such as setup wizard, NETGEAR genie setup, setup page.

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