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What is the significance of new extender setup for my NETGEAR WiFi range extender device?

Extender is a device used to extend the network range of your already existing network. NETGEAR is renowned name in field of extender devices. NETGEAR WiFI range extender are loved by user because of ease of installation and higher efficiency they provide for. NETGEAR WiFi range extender are installed in existing network by using setup page. Mywifiext net new extender setup provides you an interface by which you can make your NETGEAR WiFi range extender device work in the way you desire to be. setup pageis backbone for your new extender setup. is local webpage is a platform using which you you can perform multiple tasks related to NETGEAR WiFi range extender like launching setup wizard by NETGEAR genie or WPS mode, changing password and username of your NETGEAR WiFi range extender and much more. That is the reason why we call webpage as heart and soul of NETGEAR devices.

If you are planning to launch new extender setupfor NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extenderdevices then NETGEAR provides you two options among which you can choose as per your network requirement, that includes either by WPS mode or by NETGEAR genie setup (Manual method). But one thing which remains common among both of these method is use of webpage.

WPS mode: If you are going for new extender setup using WPS mode then all you have to do is press WPS button on both NETGEAR WiFi range extender and network router. By doing this simple step your new NETGEAR WIFI range extender stands to be configured. But even in this case if you want to proceed ahead with any type of modification in your NETGEAR extender then you need to go for webpage. Thus even in this wireless mode of installation you will require the help of webpage, if in case you want to change setting of NETGEAR extender.

Manual method: In this method you are required to proceed further with new extender setup by manually entering various setting details. Thus in this method you have to launch webpage and enter various details which you are asked for.

Thus from above we may easily conclude that new extender setup has great significance for NETGEAR range extender devices.

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