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Are you new with NETGEAR devices and scratching your head to know about the buzz word “” for NETGEAR devices? local webpage provides user an interface through which he/she can manage functionality of NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender. For instance, if you had bought new NETGEAR device and want to launch new extender setup by manual method then you will require to enter in address bar of your web browser. Even if you are planning to go for new extender setup using Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) mode, you still require to login setup page for modifying various configuration of your NETGEAR wireless range extender.

Next comes question about how to go for login? As you enter setup page, you will be asked to enter login username and login password. If you are installing NETGEAR range extender for first time, then do enter admin as login username and password as login password. These are default configuration of NETGEAR range extender.

Thus we can conclude that www.mywifiext.netis most important pre requisite to know to tackle with NETGEAR WiFi range extenders.