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How can I configure my new NETGEAR range extender by using mywifiext setup page? Can I also changed configuration by just login setup page?

If you are planning to install new NETGEAR Wifi range extender by following manual method, in your network then you need to launch mywifiext setup page. This can be done by entering is local webpage assigned for configuring NETGEAR devices) in address bar of your bowser. After that you will be required to enter various credentials to get login into setup page, which by default remains to be Username:-admin, Password:- password. After successful login, you can go for designed configuration by following some easy steps.

Mywifiext setup page is not only used to launch new extender setup but you can also modify configuration of already installed NETGEAR extender by login into local webpage. To know more about it do follow links given under “Related articles”.

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