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Does I need to launch setup wizard to launch my WI-Fi range extender setup? Does mywifiext net setup page and setup wizard means same?

If you are planning to install new NETGEAR device in your already existing network, then NETGEAR provides you two options for the same. That includes WPS method and Manual method. Latter is also known by many other names such as NETGEAR Genie setup, setup wizard, mywifiext net setup page and so on. Although WPS method provides you great ease in installing NETGEAR range extender but still it has been found that in many cases second method that is mywifiext net setup page is given more preference by user. There can be number of reason for same. You can know more about www. setup wizard by following link given under "Related Article".

As mentioned above also setup page and mywifiext net setup page means one and same thing. While searching for setup page in search engine user has been found to be writing same as mywifiext net setup. Thus it is just another way of writing setup page.

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