mywifiext net not found

http mywifiext net

Why I am getting message "mywifiext net not found"? How can I go for troubleshooting?

"mywifiext net not found" message can be displayed because of multiple issues which are lists below along with their troubleshooting steps:
• Your new NETGEAR range extender is not getting proper power supply. In such scenario user is recommended to put his/her NETGEAR range extender device on another power socket.
• Distance between router and extender exceeds permissible limit. User is most prominently recommended to reduce the distance between network router and NETGEAR range extender as possible. Preferably network router and NETGEAR wireless range extender should have to be in same room while installation process is going on.
• Web browser become unable to resolve local webpage. In such scenario user is recommended to enter instead of in address bar of web browser.

There may also be many other issues for getting message "mywifiext net not found". To know about them you can follow link given under "Related articles".

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