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How to use mywifiext net setup wizard to setup new NETGEAR WiFi range extender? Is there any other way out for my new range extender setup?

Mywifiext net which is often used as local webpage can be used for both configuring your new range extender as well as for changing the configurations of already installed NETGEAR range extender. This local webpage can be used for all range of NETGEAR WiFi range extenders that includes ex7300, ex7000, ex6920, ex6400, ex6200, ex6150, ex6120, ex6100, ex6000, Ex3920, ex3800, ex3700, ex2700, wn1000rp, wn2500rp, wn3500rp etc.

This method of installing new NETGEAR wireless range extender with the help of mywifiext net setup page is called as manual method or NETGEAR genie setup.

Although there also exist another method for installing new NETGEAR wireless range extender that is WPS method. This method can be used only in the case when both your network router and NETGEAR range extender are WPS compatible. Even in this method after installing new NETGEAR range extender, if you want to change any configuration of NETGEAR range extender then you will be required to login into setup page.

Thus we can easily say that although there exists another method also to configure new NETGEAR range extender but even in this case also you will be required to encounter with mywifiext net setup page.

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