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http mywifiext net

What are the various purposes for which we can use mywifiext webpage? Do we have another way out to install NETGEAR range extender without using mywifiext?

Mywifiext is characterised by multiple functionality. User can use mywifiext as both new extender setup page as well as configuration manager for your NETGEAR range extender. It shows that for evry task related to your NETGEAR wireless range extender you will be required to launch setup page. If you desire to launch new extender setup then the only way out for you is to launch setup wizard, even in case of changing the setting of your NETGEAR device, you need to login setup page.

User has also an option of entering instead of www.mywifiext.netin address bar of web browser. But one thing should have to be keep in mind, that is is nothing else but IP address assigned to setup page. By this we can easily conclude that knowledge of mywifiext webpage is must for NETGEAR range extender.

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