WiFi Extender Setup

http mywifiext net

Which method is best for NETGEAR WiFi extender setup? Does it is necessary to know about www.mywifiext.net local webpage to launch NETGEAR range extender setup?

NETGEAR provides its user with two options for WiFi extender setup. That includes
1. Wi-Fi Protected setup(WPS) method
2. Manual method (www.mywifiext.net setup wizard)

User can follow any one among them. Every WiFi extender setup method have its own advantage and disadvantage attached with it which is briefly listed as below:

1. WPS method: - WPS method’s biggest advantage is highest ease it provides for NETGEAR WiFi extender setup. WiFi extender setup is done by just pushing WPS button on both NETGEAR range extender and network router. Only limitation of WPS method is that network router should also have to be WPS compatible.

2. Manual method: - Manual WiFi extender setup method’s biggest advantage is that there exists no compatible issue with your network router. You can use this method with every router. Although only drawback with this method is you have to enter various configuration details manually.

Yes user is required to have basic knowledge of www.mywfiext.net setup page before going for NETGEAR WiFi extender setup because you will require this page while going for every mode of installation.

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